SPECTACULAR PROTEST - Ukrainian Flag Hoisted on Moscow’s Kotelnicheskaya Skyscraper

Now the propaganda war over the situation in eastern Ukraine in a special way also has reached Russia’s capital.

To show solidarity four Russian supporters of Ukraine painted the yellow and blue national flag on the 176 meter high Kotelnicheskaya skyscraper in Moscow and painted the large Soviet star on the top of the building in the colors of Ukraine!

After a few hours, the flag was quickly removed, but this creative campaign still goes viral around the world. President Vladimir Putin will be not amused for sure.

All four activists were arrested as the police agency Interfax said. Now they probably have to face charges for vandalism.

Signs of Anger - Protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson

Missouri, August 18, 2014

Since Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, was killed by a white police officer on August 9, protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a predominantly African-American suburb of St. Louis, have been punctuated by clashes between demonstrators and police.

This event exposed smoldering racial tensions in a mostly black town whose police force, political leadership and administration are dominated by whites.


Russian vehicles entered Ukraine through a section of the border held by rebels earlier today. NATO’s secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen seperatly said the alliance observed a Russian “incursion” into Ukrainian soil, denied by Russia, on Thursday night, according to the Associated Press.

280 trucks with Russian humanitarian aid depart - Ukraine says may block Russian aid convoy

The Russian convoy carrying tonnes of humanitarian aid left today for eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian government forces are closing in on pro-Russian separatists.

The government in Kiev said it would not allow the vehicles to cross the border onto Ukrainian territory. 

"This cargo will be reloaded onto other transport vehicles (at the border) by the Red Cross. We will not allow any escort by the emergencies ministry of Russia or by the military (onto Ukrainian territory)." - Ukrainian presidential aide Valery Chaly

The West also warned Moscow not to turn the operation into a military intervention.

 "We must be extremely careful because this (the convoy) could be a cover for the Russians to install themselves near Lugansk and Donetsk and put us before a done deed."French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius

While the humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine is growing day by day, Russia might welcome the opportunity to garner sympathy or even try to bring it’s special troops or military equipment into Ukrainian territory.

Experience shows (remember the 2008 Russian-Georgian war) that this distrust towards Russia is fully entitled and if something like this would happen, it would bring all sides on a new stage in the conflict.


I dream of the day I can take the train from Casablanca to Algiers, watch an Amazigh concert in Tripoli, take a bus to Cairo, eat Kneffeh with a Gazaoui in Jerusalem, get lost in the old city of Aleppo, drive to Iraq, have a drink with an Assyrian and a good laugh with a Kurd. For now I can mourn the fact that these things are impossible to do…
Nadir Bouhmouch, Moroccan filmmaker and human rights activist

Nothing is impossible, when there are people who believe in their dreams. Maybe, one day…

Israel Withdraws Troops as Gaza Truce Begins

Israel decided to pull out its ground forces of the Gaza Strip and begins a 72-hour truce with Hamas mediated by Egypt as a first step towards negotiations on a enduring arrangement to keep the peace.

Palestinian officials say that 1,834 Palestinians have died in the conflict, most of them civilians. Israel says 64 of its soldiers and three civilians have been killed since fighting began.

Russia launches major military maneuvers near Ukrainian border

The Russian Air Force started an unprecedented large-scale military exercise with more than 100 combat aircraft amid growing tensions with the West.

The air force spokesman, Igor Klimov, said the exercises were the first in a series to improve coordination in the Russian military as well as the testing of "aircraft weapons on land and air targets on new ranges, and will be conducting real and electronic launches of anti-aircraft missiles in Ashuluk, which is specifically designed to aide the coordination between aviation and anti-missile defence", making no mention of the current situation in Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are fighting Ukrainian government forces.

A few months ago Russia said it had pulled back forces from near the border to Ukraine, but NATO accused Moscow of boosting the number of troops and weaponry along the border late last month. 

Now Russia’s Defence Ministry could not immediately be reached for comment about the maneuvers.

In the light of the conflict in neighboring Ukraine, the maneuver could be seen as a threatening gesture.


Every year Warsaw residents hold a minute of silence on ‘W’ hour (17.00h) to honor the start and the heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising , the fighters and victims of the rebellion against the Nazis.

The Polish resistance  Home Army (Polish: Armia Krajowa) fought for 63 days with little outside support to free the capital from occupation. The Uprising was the largest single military effort taken by any European resistance movement during World War II costing the lives of between 150,000 and 200,000 civilians and about 18 thousand insurgents.

Lepiej stojąc umierać, niż klęcząc na kolanach żyć… Chwała bohaterom!

Lest we forget.